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My Philosophy

My goal is to make waxing as comfortable as possible while producing the smoothest results.  For that reason I do not employ a “speed waxing” method, which tends to cause more discomfort and leaves behind hair.  Waxing is not pain free, but the technique that I use will cause less trauma on the skin and leave you smooth and clean for a longer period of time.

For best results

Hair growth should be between a 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch long.  Any shorter than that the wax will not be able to grab sufficiently enough and you will be left with hairs.  If your hair is longer than a 1/2 inch I will trim it during the appointment.  Please do not attempt to trim it yourself or it may end up being too short for me to wax.  


No tanning before or after

Tanning can cause skin sensitivity, tanning before getting waxed can make your skin inflamed or scabby if you get waxed too soon. Because waxing exfoliates, tanning shortly after your treatment can cause burns and skin pigmentation.


Preparing for your waxing session
To get the best results you should exfoliate the area the day before your appointment in the bath or shower using a loofah, body scrub or exfoliating mitt, this will remove any dead skin cells and lift the hairs ready for waxing.

On the day of your treatment avoid applying any body lotion to the area as this could prevent the wax from attaching to the hairs.


In between waxing

Shaving and hair removal creams stimulate the hair growth making it come back quicker, thicker and darker and will knock the “hair growth cycle” out of sync, so please don’t be tempted to use these in between appointments – be patient and it will really pay off.


Brazilian waxing re-scheduled within 4-6 weeks of initial appointment is $10.00 less.  See "Brazilian Maintenance" for online booking.


To prevent ingrown hairs, after your skin has calmed down, gently exfoliate the skin 2-3 times a week in the bath or shower using a loofah, body scrub or exfoliating mitt. Moisturizer used regularly keeps the skin soft and will prevent the hairs from breaking during a waxing treatment. 


That time of the month

It is ok to get waxed during your period (a clean tampon is a must).  Be aware that the increased hormones women have during their menstrual cycle may make the bikini area more sensitive.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.    


Please note:

Waxing is contraindicated if using Accutane,  Retinoids, and Blood Thinner medications.



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