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If there’s one day in your life that you want clear, smooth, glowing skin, it’s on your wedding day.  Unfortunately the months leading up to your wedding day can be some of the most stressful, demanding, and sleep-deprived times in our lives and it can take its toll on your skin. That’s why a bride should start thinking about her beauty regimen about 4 months before the big day.


Skin treatments not only leave you with face radiant but they also help to lift away any stress. Healthy, radiant skin is also a better canvas to work on making your bridal makeup flawless. 



Both programs end with The O² Lift because it is the perfect facial treatment before your wedding.  The Oxygen Lift infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated leaving your skin hydrated and healthy.


The Beautiful Bride Package |$300 (Save $25)

This package includes 4 facials heading up to your big day!


3 Months Prior- Customized Studio Facial

2 Months Prior- Customized Studio Facial with peel

1 Month Prior- Customized Studio Facial with peel

1 Week Prior- The Oxygen Lift


The Glowing Bride Package |$480 (Save $60)

This program starts 3 Months Prior to your wedding with a total of 6 treatments.

Products will be recommended but not a requirement.


~ Your first appointment starts with a consultation to develop a customized a treatment plan followed by a Hydrodermabrasion.

~ You will then recieve 4 more customized Studio Facials with peel every other week.

~ 1 Week Prior to your wedding- The Oxygen Lift

The Dare to Bare Back Facial

60 minutes / $80

Ideal for those revealing low backed wedding dresses. 


This treatment refines the back by cleansing, exfoliating and buffing the skin to leave it smooth and silky to the touch.

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