SOS Custom Peels Program:

Reveal a brighter, smoother and more refined complexion in just 11 weeks. 

Chemical peels can help target dark spots, fine lines & wrinkles, acne, dull skin, and enlarged pores. Progressive exfoliation treatments improve overall skin texture and promote collagen and elastin production resulting in a softer, firmer and smoother feel.

The Process:

The SOS Custom Peels Program is a "Series of Six" chemical peels spaced two weeks apart used in conjunction with prescribed home care.

Why Choose the SOS Custom Peels Program?


Customization - Tailored for your skin’s unique needs the Series of Six (SOS) Custom Peels Program ranges from light botanical enzyme peels to advanced chemical exfoliation that advance in strength with each treatment for your skin type and goals.


A “Series of Six” for serious results – For optimal skin health and rejuvenation, peels work best when performed in a series.  Although you will see some instant benefits post-peel, the real magic happens after multiple visits. With consistent treatments, you’ll achieve progressive cumulative benefits for your skin. Once the “Series of Six” is completed, routine chemical exfoliation is recommended every 30-60 days to maintain those results beyond each new skin cycle.


Homecare – It’s important to remember that what happens in the treatment room is only part of the equation. To truly get the most from your peel series, you’ll want to be sure you are following up at home with a routine that properly nourishes your skin.  A home care regimen will be created that both supports and advances the results of your skin between visits.


Skin transformation with little to no downtime - If the idea of a peel makes you nervous, don’t fret! Today’s peels won’t have you hiding in your house for days on end. While everyone’s skin reacts differently to a peeling treatment, the majority of the action happens at the time of application, as dead skin cells are digested by the peel solution. In the days that follow you may experience some light flaking or micro-peeling, which will quickly subside and give way to rejuvenated, fresh, healthy skin.


***3-4 days of facial peeling and flaking is common after some of the treatments.***


- Individual Peel:  $70

- Pre-pay for 3 treatments:  $195 (Save $15)
- Pre-pay all 6 treatments:   $375 (Save $45)
- Products will run approximately $250
(10% discount is given on products)

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