Glow Bright Depigemtation Program~

Hyperpigmentation is a common condition that occurs when melanin, the skin’s pigment or color, is overproduced in certain spots on the skin, causing discoloration and/or darkening of the skin.

The Glow Bright Depigmentation Program is designed help lighten pigmentation by combining homecare and in office treatmentsover an 8-week period.

How it works


1) Daily use of prescribed products (hyperpigmentation kit).
2) 6 Treatments/Peels done in a timely manner over an 8 week period.

***3-4 days of facial peeling and flaking is common after some of the treatments.***




- 1 Treatment:  $70

- Pre-pay for 3 Treatments:  $200 (Save $10)

- Pre-Pay 6 Treatment series:  $390 (Save $30)
- Hyperpigementation Kit: Approximately $250 (can vary depending on your skin type).


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